Social Media Meltdown

In my semester-long class of social media, I’ve learned that there’s more to social media than I previously thought. One of the things I learned in class was how social media is used to promote not only yourself, but your company as well. I discovered that organizations like the Nebraska Humane Society and the Silicon Prairie News use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote the organization and establish connections with other people. What I found most interesting is how the humane society uses social media in order to find homes for the animals they have. The field trip also taught me about the importance of interaction within social media sites. The Nebraska Humane Society constantly interacts with people by telling them the condition of an animal and if it has found a good home. It’s not enough to have an account on Facebook, but it’s also important to engage with the people that is following you on Facebook or Twitter.

What has surprised me the most is when I discovered that there are methods of measuring your impact on social media sites. Klout scores and other metrics can help determine how much you use social media. I never knew that you can keep track of your success in social media and these metrics can help determine if any improvements are needed to improve one’s social media presence. In this era of new media, social media has become a powerful tool of promotion. With it, organizations can reach out to other members and promote their cause. As technology becomes more advanced, so does social media and it appears this is only the tip of the iceberg.


Sports Blog: The Centerpiece for the Rams

After their 2-14 record, saying that the St. Louis Rams needed some improvement in their roster could be stated as an understatement. However, in Don Bank’s latest article, the Rams are working hard in the draft so that another embarrassing season might be avoided. The Rams have been slowly dropping from their No.2 spot in the draft to sixth, then 14th and 45th. Soon they manage to score a 50th spot in the second-round picks. With the aid of the team’s new head manager, Les Snead, the Rams were able to acquire not only quantity, but quality. One of their draft picks included Brian Quick who was a receiver from Appalachian State. Another was a running back named Isaiah Pead from Cincinnati. But the centerpiece for the Rams draft was a corner back from North Carolina named Janoris Jenkins.Jenkins was an ex-Gator corner back with a history of problems ranging from bar fights to marijuana possession. Although most would find hiring a player with these charges might deter some teams, Fischer’s experience with “troubled” players might prove useful.

I found this particular article to be interesting because it gives us an insight to how Banks feels about the draft. Even though this isn’t the first time he has done this, I felt that he has added more of his opinion to this article than any of the other articles I wrote about. He commented about how the teams chose their draft pics like saying it was a great move for the Colts to Coby Fleener who is a tight end from Standford. Although, Banks has added his opinion to this column, he has done so in a way that doesn’t sound to bias. I feel that as long as a reporter doesn’t drift too much to one side, they can still give some of their opinions.

Stand Up, Vanguard!!

As far as I could remember, I’ve enjoyed playing trading card games. Trading card games, or TCG, have become a popular game type and more people, regardless of age, have been playing these games. The most popular games seem to come from anime shows like Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh. There’s a new card game that was launched in Japan and is starting to gain popularity in the U.S.- it’s called Cardfight!! Vanguard. In order to play, each player must have a deck of exactly 50 cards. To start, players draw five cards from their decks and are allowed to redraw once, if they don’t like their hand. Then, players summon creatures known as units in order to deal damage to each other. The first one who deals six damage to their opponent wins.

Similar to Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh, Vanguard has an anime show featuring the game. The show is about a middle schooler named Aichi Sendou who is your regular fly on the wall. He was always shy and never stood out that much. It wasn’t until he started playing Vanguard that he soon gains confidence in himself and self-worth. I’ve watched the show on YouTube and I have found it to be enjoyable and entertaining. Unlike Yu-gi-oh where the main character wins almost all of his matches, there are times that Aichi loses which make the show less predictable. I’ve also played the game and I’ve found that the rules are much simpler than most card games, which make it easier to learn. Most would think that trading card games are just for kids, but they can be fun for any age. Games like Vanguard make it possible for people make friends and have a good time.

Fan Control

There are a few television shows that pay attention to the fans. Most of the time they just ignore what they have to say whether if the feedback is positive or negative; however, there are shows where fans have some power. One show in particular is the Discovery channel hit “Mythbusters.” It’s a show where the hosts, Jamie and Adam, use their scientific and engineering knowledge to test various myths like seeing if your stomach will explode from eating pop rocks and soda and if you can polish poop. The show gets its myths from urban legends, movies and even the Internet, but its most popular source is from the fans. Fans often send ideas for the Mythbusters to test. The response has gotten so huge that the show dedicated an entire episode to suggestions made by the fans.

Another show where the fans get a say is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In one of my posts, I talked about the show’s popularity with older viewers. In the pilot episode, fans noticed a pony in the background that had googly eyes. When the image was captured and posted on the Internet, fans were curious about this weird-looking pony. Soon fans gave it the name Derpy Hooves. The name Derpy comes from a slang term meaning someone who is silly and has crossed eyes. The show’s developer, Lauren Faust, has acknowledged the fans and decided to officially name it Derpy. In one episode of My Little Pony, Derpy was not only referred to her fan name, but was also given a speaking role. Shows like Mythbusters and My Little Pony have proven that fans do have a say in what goes on in their show, which is why they have become so popular because they make the fans matter.

Sports Blog: RG3 in DC

With the all the talk about Robert Griffin the linebacker, there’s still a lot of attention on RG3. Many teams are trying to get Griffin III on their roster; however, he’s currently looking into becoming a Redskins. In Don Bank’s recent article, Griffin has made an impact in Washington and fans would be more than happy if he got drafted. Redskins quarterback DeAngelo Hall has already called him the “Prince of DC” even though Griffin hasn’t fully made up his mind yet. There have even been Obama’s Hope posters with his face printed on it. It’s clear that Washington fans will be devastated if Griffin doesn’t join. Griffin fully realizes the attention he’s been getting from Washington is embracing it. The Redskins have been looking for a quarterback that no only has great athletic ability, but also star potential and Griffin seems to fit the bill. Even though the draft is only a few days away, it appears that Griffin will be playing in Washington.

I thought the timing for this article was perfect, especially since the previous article was about the Robert Griffin who was a linebacker and since the draft is going to be in a few days. In this particular article, there’s a feeling of excitement and humor. The reader can feel a sense of excitement as Redskins fans hope that they will get Griffin on their team. The article can also capture the reader’s imagination as they try to picture Griffin’s face on the Obama Hope poster. What pleased me most about the article, is that Banks made Griffin as humble as possible as he is showered with all this attention. As the draft draws closer, it appears that fans will know with certainty where one players is going to go.

We Interrupt This Blog for a Special Announcement

In the Pew Center Report, it talks about the audience in digital news. According to the article, television is the top media for people to get their news despite the growing popularity and efficiency of the Internet. The fact that people still get their news from television more than the Internet doesn’t really surprise me. The reason I believe that television news is more popular is because people feel that it’s more credible than Internet news. When it comes to the Internet, people feel it’s a place for voicing your opinions than reporting the facts. Also, there really isn’t much credibility on the Internet as most of the posts online turn out to be fake with little to no credible sources. Another reason why I agree with the article is because I to mostly get my news through the television. I don’t really watch the major news networks or the local news. The only place I go to get updated on current events is watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report. Even though most see it as a comedy show, they do report about what’s going on in the world.

However, this doesn’t mean that Internet news isn’t a good place for news. According to the post, young adults get their news mainly from the web. Print news is slowly declining and it’s a possibility that television news might become obsolete. Unlike television, the news on the web is more convenient and easily accessible. Similar to how radio news was overshadowed by television, it’s possible that the Internet will take over the news from television. In order to prepare for this, journalists must adapt to changes similar to how the media changes.

Sports Blog: Another Robert Griffin Story

As most players know, the NFL can be a hectic and stressful time, especially for players hoping that they won’t be shadowed by the more famous and promising players of the draft. But for one particular player, the draft is not only hectic, but it’s also confusing. Everyone knows about Robert Griffin III, the star quarterback that everyone wants to have on their team, but what some don’t know is that there is another Robert Griffin in football. In Don Bank’s latest article, there’s another Robert Griffin and similar to Griffin III, he’s also a football player. The only exception is that this Robert Griffin is an offense linebacker. Griffin (the linebacker) received offers to go to Notre Dame, Miami, Oklahoma State and Ole Miss. However he made a promise to his mother, who died of cancer at age 52, that he would stay closer to home so he chose to go to Baylor. There he played with Griffin III, “blocking for him.” Even though he shares the same name with the all-star quarterback, his chances of getting drafted aren’t as good as Griffin III, especially with 500 linebackers hoping to get into the NFL.

I found this latest article to show a lighter side to the draft. Most NFL fans think of the draft as a time where the pressure for the new players has never been higher, but this article seems to make the draft a lot less tense. What are the chances that two players who have almost the exact same name will be participating in the same draft . Banks seemed to have a comedic approach as he cites the confusion when referring between the two Griffin’s. For the players who want to just relieve the stress from the draft, I think that they should read this article.

Sports Blog: Greg Williams- the New Face of Change?!

Just when you think that things couldn’t get anymore interesting with the Saints, new surprising developments are starting to unfold. In Don Bank’s recent article, it was revealed that a recording of former Saint’s defensive coordinator and the mastermind behind the team’s bounty program, Greg Williams, has surfaced revealing him encouraging his players to intentionally injure their opponents. The recording was made from filmmaker Sean Pamphilon who also caught audio of Williams making an offer to take out specific 49ers in their game against San Francisco. Some may think that this would instantly kill a coach’s career, however, the NFL has decided not to permanently ban Williams from the game. Although this shows the dark side of the NFL, the league has instead to use this as something positive. The Saints bounty program and the recording of Williams has helped to reveal the problems of the game that are not widely known. As strange as it seems, Williams might actually become the representative of removing the playing style that the game is famous for. With these new revelations, the Saint’s bounty program might open up discussions regarding player safety.

I thought that this was a good article because it puts an interesting spin on the scandal. Using Williams as a means to eliminating the aggressive game play of football was something unexpected. I also enjoyed how Banks tried to put a positive feel to the article since most people see the scandal as horrid example of sportsmanship. Banks also used the example of Michael Vick’s dogfighting scandal as a way for the NFL to improve which I thought was a nice touch. The Saint’s bounty scandal not only transformed the team, but it also might lead to changes in the NFL as well.

Social Media Going to the Dogs

Our field trip to the Nebraska Humane Society was more than just getting to see some cute pets, but it was also a chance for us to see how organizations can use social media. I’ve known that people use social media sites like Facebook and YouTube to promote their organizations, but the field trip allowed me to see how they use it. From Elizabeth’s presentation, I’ve learned the importance of not only having a Facebook account, but also interacting with the people who are following you. Elizabeth says that a lot of people comment on the Humane Society’s Facebook page; most of them talk about the stories or photos of the animals that are in the shelter.

People want to know the latest developments of a story, especially if it involves neglected animals. They want to know how it’s doing and if  an animal has found a new home. It’s always important to keep your followers updated on what’s happening in the organization. Another thing that I’ve learned from the presentation is the use of media like photos and videos. The Humane Society uses pictures and videos to show their followers the animals that are in the shelter. An organization who uses social media must have these as content for their page so people will have an idea what the organization is like. However, the content must also draw their followers in. The Humane Society have used these photos and videos in such a way so that it can make an impact on whoever watches them and sometimes it leads to animals being adopted.

Sports Blog: Redskin Pick

With everything that is happening with the Saint’s punishment, fans must not forget there are others things happening in the NFL, like the draft pics. In Don Bank’s latest article, it talks about the Redskins scoring a No.2 draft pick. Getting a No. pick is a really good position for the Redskins and just when things can’t get any better, Mike Shanahan already has a couple of players that he has set his sights on: Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Banks has also interviewed the Rams head coach Jeff Fisher whose team also has a great position in the pick. In the article, Fisher not only talks about the draft, but also what’s happening with the Saint’s bounty program.

I really felt that this article wasn’t as focused as Bank’s other posts. The title made it seem like it was about the Redskins, but it also mentioned the Rams and even the Bucs’ ideas for the draft picks. Although this did help to gather different perspectives about the teams idea and feelings about their picks, I felt like the article was jumping around too much from one team’s thoughts to another’s. I did find it interesting how Banks managed to get Fisher’s thoughts on the Saint’s scandal because of timeliness and the importance of the story. The article did, however, gave the fans a preview of what is to come when the draft pics are selected, especially what kind of decision the Redskins will make whether they’ll go with Griffin or Luck.